Bank Branded ATM

Bank Branded and Credit Union ATM

Provide cardholders what they want - easy access to their cash when they need it. We work with credit unions to get their name out there and create a strong presence.

ATM Equipment and Branding

Partner with Green Genie to expand your presence and build brand visibility in the communities you serve in a cost effective way. Turn ATMs into powerful marketing tools with affordable, custom-designed ATM wraps. Our wraps are fully customized to the ATM with your brand/logo which can also be incorporated on the ATM topper and screen. They wraps are made from a durable scratch resistant, UV coated film which also protects the ATM. High-quality visual branding draws attention to the ATM and can advertise products and services. Studies show ATM branding can increase transaction volume by as much as 20-40%, depending on the location. Once the ATM is installed and wrapped in your branding, we can setup the ATM so your cardholders can use the machine without any fees. All of the machines we deploy are fully ADA compliant. Contact Green Genie for more information on how your Financial Institution can get started with ATM branding and take a look at some of our ATM machines for sale.

Bank Branded "Full" Free Placement Option

With free "turnkey" ATM placement, the credit union/FI does not pay for the ATM machine(s), delivery fee, installation cost, or repair and maintenance services. We will load the cash in your ATM(s) and monitor them remotely to ensure there is ALWAYS plenty of cash available for your cardholders. We will also include ATM signage and paper supplies. The financial institution in turn receives a percentage of the revenue on each surcharged withdrawal which usually ranges from 25%-30%.

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Bank Branded 50/50 Partnership ATM placement

Our 50/50 ATM partnership is designed for high traffic locations with owners who like a "hands on" approach. This is very similar to our free ATM placement in that the establishment does not pay for the ATM machine, delivery fee, installation cost, or repair and maintenance services. ATM signs and paper supplies are also included. The difference is that you will use your own cash to keep the machine full. You will also receive a higher percentage of the withdrawal surcharge revenue which is usually between 40% - 50%.

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Bank Branded ATM Purchase Option

When the FI chooses to buy an ATM machine, we will install the ATM at your location and train you how to use it. You will decide the transaction surcharge amount and keep ALL of the ATM surcharge profit. You will use your cash to keep the ATM full. We will set you up with real-time online stats so you can keep track of transactions and see what is going on at all times and also receive detailed monthly statements for your records. You will have access to our 7 day/week technical support, and all of our new ATM machines come with a 2 year warranty on parts. We carry ATM brands like Hyosung, Tranax, Hantle, Genmega, and Triton.

Vault Cash Services

Whether you own the ATM or have us place an ATM for free, let us load cash in your ATMs. Call us today to find out more.