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Buy An ATM / Purchase An ATM - It can HELP your business g-r-o-w

Grow Your Business With An ATM Machine A great way to grow your business is by having an ATM machine at your location. It is calculated that 3%-5% of your business's foot traffic will use the ATM. Statistics show that a large portion of the cash that is dispensed from the ATM will also be spent at that business! This is great not only because they are spending more in your business, but because they are spending CASH. Cash is King for a reason. Cash doesn't bounce and you don't pay costly credit card fees in order to make a sale. You will also receive ATM surcharge revenue for each customer's withdrawal from the machine.

How Much Money Can I Make With An ATM Machine?

How To Buy An ATM MachineTo determine you can make by having an ATM we need to do some simple math. Let's say your location sees 300 customers per day. 3% of those customers (which is 9) will use the ATM. If you set a $2.50 surcharge fee, those 9 people would add up to be an additional $22.50 per day which translates into an additional $675 per month, which translates into $8,100 per year in additional revenue! And that is just the revenue received by the ATM surcharge! This is not taking into account the additional sales your customers will make at your place of business and your reduction in credit card fees being paid out since your customers are now paying cash.

So How Does It Work When I Buy An ATM Machine?

How To Buy An ATM MachineWhen you choose to buy an ATM machine, we will install the ATM at your location and train you how to use it. You will decide the transaction surcharge amount and keep ALL of the ATM surcharge profit. There are no other hidden processing fees. You will use your cash to keep the ATM full. We will set you up with real-time online stats so you can keep track of transactions and see what is going on at all times and also receive detailed monthly statements for your records. You will have access to our 7 day/week technical support, and all of our new ATM machines come with a 1 year warranty on parts. When a merchant chooses to buy an ATM, this will be the most profitable for him/her. We carry ATM brands like Hyosung, Tranax, Hantle, Genmega, and Triton. ATM machine prices vary. Please click here for a list of ATM Machines For Sale.

Lease An ATM (LEASE to own)

How To Lease An ATM Machine At Green Genie you can lease an ATM machine for as low as $76.00 a month! Our ATM lease is actually a lease to own. Depending on your budget, you can lease the ATM for 12-60 months. At the end of your lease, you may choose to purchase your ATM for a $1 buyout. Leasing an We will install the machine at your location and train you how to use it. You will use your own cash to keep the ATM full. You decide the surcharge and keep ALL of the ATM surcharge profit. We will set you up with real-time online stats so you can keep track of transactions and see what is going on at all times. There are no other hidden processing fees. ATM has some great benefits. When you lease, you can pay for the machine with the money you collect in surcharges while providing a great service to your customers. Usually only 1-2 transactions a day will cover your payment! You can also deduct your monthly lease payment as an operating expense. If you have any questions about our ATM lease to own program, do not hesitate to give us a call.

ATM Reports

Whether you buy an ATM or lease an ATM from us, you will receive free access to our ATM reporting website. This is a web-based application that offers real-time data such as your machine balance, dollar revenue, transaction totals, and more. Once you obtain access to ATM Reports, you can simply log on to our secure website from any computer with Internet connection and view or download any data you desire.

Our ATM reports also have features that other ATM companies don't offer like automatic email and text alerts. You can have your email or cell phone receive alerts when you machines runs low on cash, or a if there is a bill jam, or any number of other additional alerts.


ATM Options

At Green Genie, we like to pride ourselves on bringing you as many options as possible so getting an ATM machine into your business is easy and affordable. Our ATM sales team can help you find the best ATM machine suited for your location. If buying or leasing aren't for you, we also offer FREE ATM placement services for qualified businesses as well as 50/50 ATM partnership programs.

Technical Support

ATM Technical Support Available

Our ATM support team is always here for you!


We are here to help

Green Genie ATM understands that non-working ATM's mean lost revenues and lost customers. To ensure your ATM is working at all times, we have an ATM tech support line. You can call our techs 7 days a week to troubleshoot and talk you through any issues you may be experiencing.