General Questions

Most ATMs used in retail locations (restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, dispensaries, etc) range between $2200 and $3200. There are different factors that contribute to the price of the ATM. A big part of that is the size of the cash dispenser. There are some othe minor factors like size of screen, if you want an ATM topper included, etc. Once you talk to one of our ATM sales team, we can get you pricing on several models to choose from
Although a standard ATM dispensor can hold 1000 bills, (equivillant to $20,000 in $20 bills), you can also get a larger capacity machine if needed. We recommend starting with $2000 in cash and seeing how long it lasts. If you are loading the ATM, you are able to monitor the ATM cash and reload as necessary.
The ATM transaction works like this. A customer goes to the ATM and requests money. The ATM calls that persons bank account to verify they have that money in there. The bank then transfers the money from their account into yours. Once that is complete, the ATM then is told to dispense the cash to the customer. The money from the ATM shows up in your bank account the following business day so if cash was pulled on a Monday, it is in your account Tuesday morning. If it is pulled on a Fri, Sat, or Sunday, that money is back in your account on Monday morning (assuming Monday isn't a holiday)
Whether you buy an ATM from Green Genie ATM or do a free 50/50 placement, you have access to our 7 day a week technical support. They will help diagnose any issues that may arrise over the phone. If needed, a tech may be sent out to the location.
With Green Genie, you have the option to receive your surcharge revenue either paid daily or in one lump sum each month.

ATM Benefits

Customers will no longer stop at a competitor's establishment to get cash (and spend it there). Customers will instead stop at your place of business because you can accommodate their cash needs.
According to a 7-11 study, ATM users spend 25% more than non ATM users. If someone withdraws cash, they usually end up spending some of the money in that business.
Because businesses with ATM machines see fewer credit card transactions and more cash spending, business owners save money in credit card processing fees. Credit card transactions cost between 2%-3% of a purchase.
Cash does not bounce. When a customer uses cash, your risk of chargebacks, disputes, and bad checks are reduced or eliminated.
The owner of the ATM receives surcharge profits from the machine at the end of the month. For high traffic locations, this can add up to a significant profit every month.