ATM Processing

ATM Processing

If you own an ATM and are looking for an company to process your ATM transactions, Green Genie is here to help.

Whether you just purchased an ATM through Green Genie and are just getting started, or you are not happy with your current processor, having Green Genie process your ATM transactions comes with great benefits!

  • Access to our 7 day per week technical support team
  • Access to our web based ATM reporting site
  • Access to our ATM mobile app
  • Free ATM compliance stickers
  • Free software updates
  • Remote Reg-E journal pulls
  • Vault access and balance email and text alerts
  • And More!

Download to the latest software version on your machine and have access to additional revenue sources like Bitcoin or Dynamic Currency Conversion. You will be able to access our Remote ATM Management Services where you can do ATM resets, diagnostics, software updates, and automated journal submissions for disputes.