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Green Genie is a full service ATM company serving the United States from coast to coast. Whether you are looking to buy an ATM machine, rent an ATM, receive a free ATM placement, or ATM processing for an existing machine in your business, we are here for you. Let us help your business maximize its earning potential by having an ATM available for your customers. Let the GENIE work for you! Click below for our free ATM request form.

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Buy An ATM

We carry the most reliable names in the business; Hyosung, GenMega, and Triton ATMs.

Free ATM Placements

We have a couple different options to get a FREE ATM in your business!

Buy/Lease ATM
Lease An ATM

Looking to buy an ATM but need financing? We can help!

Rent An ATM

Need to rent an ATM for an event? Give us a call!

ATM Processing

Our processing comes with free reporting, access to the ATM mobile app, and technical support!

ATM Repair Techs

We have ATM technicians that can help diagnose and repair your ATM!

ATM Sales And Services


We offer full customer support and maintenance on all of our ATM machines and ATM services nationwide. When you buy an ATM from Green Genie, it comes with robust ATM reporting which includes: real-time reports, BIN forecasting, cash forecasting and revenue reports. There is a full dashboard with gauges and easy visuals on all the important info you want to see. We have automated alerts for your ATM so you can get notified each time the vault is accessed, low cash levels, receipt paper empty and more. We can setup ATM remote monitoring which will allow you to remotely reboot the ATM, do ATM diagnostics, software updates and automated journal submissions for disputes. We also have the ability to bring in additional revenue streams like DCC (dynamic currency conversion) and sell BITCOIN on your ATM. We provide ATM cash loading, repair and upgrade services, sales, processing, and free ATM placements. We service all 50 states and able to provide you the support you need. Contact Green Genie today.






Remote S/W


Vault Access




Free ATM

Tailored ATM Solutions


With 14 years of business serving the US nationwide, we understand that every business has its unique needs and Green Genie is there with you every step of the way. We are able to customize and tailor an ATM solution to fit your specific needs. We work with all types of retail locations, restaurants, dispensaries, hotels, credit unions and local municipalities. Let us help your business maximize its earning potential by having an ATM available for your customers. Take a look out our list of ATMs for sale or give us a call to find out if you qualify for our FREE ATM or 50/50 placements. Stop wondering about the money you could be making by having an ATM in your business. Call us today and find out how profitable and easy it is.
Let the GENIE work for you!